June 2014 - May the Light be with you!

In this letter, you will find:

  1. A note from Elena
  2. Blessings of Light
  3. Will you do your part?
  4. More photos from the Chico workshop in May
  5. Invitation to Elena's workshop in Germany
  6. Special Pranafest GRATITUDE offering
  7. Summer reading addition
  8. Apprenticeship Training Video available
  9. Check out our Newsletter Archive


A note from Elena: 

The Sun rises after the darkest night, the spring follows the coldest winter and there is pure, deep stillness after every storm... Let's remember this if/when we feel somewhat inadequate. It's 'growing pains'. We are getting 'emotional stretch marks' because of how fast we are growing. There was never a promise it would be comfortable in the process...

So, let's face all of our discomforts and breath through them, being kind to ourselves, to our scars, honoring other people's process... until it becomes our new way of life. And instead of ever thinking we are failing, let's think of it as the “spiral of transformation”, which will inevitably lead us to feeling so much more alive, happier, weather-proof, empowered, fulfilled, and so much wiser, compassionate, more in control of our destiny.

Blessings of Light on this day of transformation across our Planet.  Echoing in my ears are the words of Shakti, a participant in Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova's recent workshop in Chico, California:

"We are always rebirthing, every moment!"

Completion of a Tri-Process during a recent workshop in Chico, CA

During this pivotal point in the spiral rotation of the planets, we are given a beautiful opportunity to connect and transform our perspective with the Power of Love. 

"Birth is the pivotal point.  If we adjust that leverage, we will adjust humanity."
- Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Elena sharing light with the new Birth Into Being Practitioners

As we birth anew during this great transition, let's set our intention to let more light in!
Let's share our light with all we meet, glowing from our hearts. 
 Let us shine, even in the face of our darkest shadows! 

Nily, BIB Method Practitioner, in Chico, CA

The power is in our hands! How will you carry forth your vision and give birth to your dreams? You are held and supported! 

"This Planet has an amazing self-healing capacity.  She will do her part."
Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Will you do your part? 

Please spread the light and share this newsletter with a friend!

They can <<signup for our newsletter>> and watch 25 minutes of Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova's film, Birth As We Know It, for free

And be sure to check out our upcoming workshop schedule around the world! Join the magic! 

For more photos from Elena's recent workshop in Chico, California, <<go to our flickr page.>>

You are invited...

to Elena's final Advanced Facilitator Training (until she finishes her books)!
In Kißlegg, Germany 


November 5 - 20, 2014 

<<Click here>> for more information and to RSVP! 
This opportunity is not to be missed - if you want to learn from Elena, now is your chance.  Don't miss it! 

For questions, please contact Dr. Stefan Liekam · mail@liekam.com · +49 89 23515517

Come see Elena speak at Pranafest!

August 22-24, 2014 ~ Ashland, OR 

But wait, what is Pranafest?  Founded by Birth Into Being Practitioner Janet Marley, Pranafest is a weekend of yoga and kirtan at the Wellsprings in beautiful Ashland, Oregon!
Just in from the festival organizer: "We are on track for the best Pranafest yet. Warm weather, 4 stages & 4 yoga venues!" 

Are you ready to join the relaxation and delight?

We are thrilled to offer you, our family, a special deal on tickets, courtesy of Pranafest! 

~ use the code
 GRATITUDE when you buy your tickets to receive 15% off

<<Click here>> to get tickets now and reserve your spot!

See you there!  

Looking for some summer reading?  Be sure to get your copy of...

A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change

With a chapter written by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova! 

This book is a unique collection of narratives from women from all around the globe. These are stories of compassion and bravery, empowered by the vision of a better world for all life.

<<click here to order>>

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Have you attended Levels 1 and 2 of the Birth Into Being Method? 
Do you want to continue learning and growing in this process, but want to stay home? 
(We know, being at home is very important!)

Thanks to Nicole Moore, a Birth Into Being Practitioner in Australia, you can now watch 14 hours of the Birth Into Being Method workshop  whenever you like! 

Organized by process, this "BIBle" allows you to reconnect directly with the work, as Elena shares it! 

If you plan to become a Birth Into Being Practitioner, please note that we ask you to have your own copy! 

To order and for more information, please <<click here>>.

Check out our <<Newsletter Archive>>  to stay in touch with us and share your feedback with the world.  

Thanks for connecting and receiving our light, 

Lily Rhoads

Director of Communications

P.S. Are you new here? Wanna know what the heck we are doing?  Check out our <<3 minute introduction video>>

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    Hi Marcella!

    We don’t have any local facilitators in Colorado (yet), but if you’d like to organize a workshop, a Practitioner will come facilitate for you!

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    Will any new facilitators be offering workshops in Colorado?