July 2015 Newsletter


In this newsletter, you will find:

  • A quote from Elena
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Ascension Symptoms
  • Culture Unplugged Film Festival (includes free viewing of "Birth As We Know It" and "Birth Into Being")
  • What is a Birth Into Being Chief Advocating Officer?
  • Interview with Elena by The Birth Whisperer of New Zealand
  • Better Birth 360 World Summit featuring Elena



"The great majority of human traditions and religions around the globe committed hideous crimes against women and children for thousands of years. Not only repressing their creativity and sexuality, their very Life Force, but also directly inflicting unspeakable emotional and physical pain. You and I are here to undo this damage that runs in our blood and hides in our bones. Our primal cells existed inside of our mothers while they were still inside of their mothers, thus history repeated itself for thousands of years. Every fetus is exposed to the trials and tribulations of the entire family lineage. The errors of our civilization are rooted in the multi-generational drama and will continue until everyone of us finds a way to break that cycle. 

And we are doing it now! Every single day brings healing and cleansing as we learn to open and relax, as we learn to love. I am so happy to be a part of this Time of Transition, witnessing the birth of new traditions, which honor our humanness, which helps us learn joy and happiness, compassion, acceptance and intimacy; and I am very happy to have all of you on this journey with me."
- Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Founder of Birth Into Being

Upcoming Birth Into Being Workshops

Click here to view the full schedule of upcoming workshops.

Ascension Symptoms

I want to include these 3 links into my NL, because so many people around me now have these symptoms, which can not be explained by the medical doctors. All kinds of odd sensations and physical experiences that are out of ordinary and seemingly have no medical terms. - Elena

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Green Unplugged Online Film Festival 

For a limited time, you can watch 

Educational Version of "Birth As We Know It" (2006, 45 mins)  
AND "Birth Into Being" (1999, 25 mins) 

online for FREE in the Green Unplugged Film Festival.  

Click here to watch for free. 

To download or order a DVD the full feature "Birth As We Know It" (72 mins), click here.
If you would like to own a hardcopy DVD of "Birth As We Know It", now is the time to order it.  We are down to our last box of DVDs, and after they are gone, they will become collectables, as we do not plan to print any more in the foreseeable future.  The film will only be available as a download after we sell out.

What is a Birth Into Being Chief Advocating Officer (CAO)?

A CAO is a regional point-person for Birth Into Being activity. CAOs handle requests about workshops, communicate with facilitators in their region, and represent the system and principles of Birth Into Being. Their responsibility is to attend our Business Meetings and Practitioner Round Table Calls (1x/month each, to stay current with each other's progress and updates on curriculum, schedules, edits, and other Birth Into Being news etc) 

A CAO is a communication conduit between Birth Into Being Central and all the Birth Into Being Certified Facilitators in their respective regions. For example, you can contact a CAO regarding any questions about attending or organizing a workshops in your area, or debriefing after a workshop.

Buy defining circles of relationship and decentralizing our organization, we support the flow of information and the intelligence of self-organization to emerge. 

View the full list of CAOs here: http://www.birthintobeing.com/contact

Interview with Elena by The Birth Whisperer of New Zealand

Click here to watch.

Elena is honored to be a speaker in this free online interview series.

Sign up for free here

With Love,

Lily Rhoads

Director of Communications


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