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Elena's Interview about "Re-Wilding Our Birth Experience"
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Thanks to Daniel Vitalis
August 2014

Elena's Interview about "Conscious Evolution"
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March 2014

Elena's Interview about "Conscious Parenting"
on Family Matters Radio
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January 2014

Elena's Interview about "Conscious Procreation"
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May 2012

Elena's Interview with Allan on "Bridging Heaven and Earth"
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February 11th, 2012

Elena's Interview about "Conscious Procreation"
with Matthew in "Outstanding Health now"

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April 9th, 2012


Feb 2018

Those of you, who watched my film, Birth As We Know It, probably remember me talking about Spiraling. In the film, I didn't have the time to go into the explanation about it. But it is the very first building block I teach in my workshops and I dedicate a good chunk of time on Day 1 to teaching, showing, explaining that very important piece. Outside of my workshops, in my conference presentations and numerous interviews, I rarely spoke about it. When asked directly about why the Birth Into Being Method has such a staggering display of efficiency, I would always limit myself by saying something like 'one of the main factors is that all of our processes are experienced by participants in a slightly altered states, achieved by a few very specific types of movement alternating with a few very specific types of breathing'. That was the most revealing statement about my work that I was open to sharing publically, feeling that I can't properly introduce this deeply mystical experience in a brief intro and do it justice by giving out only a fraction of information. But at this point, it feels right to start sharing more openly. So, in this interview, you can see a short version of the First type of movement, necessary to gently ascend the group of people into that proverbial slightly altered state, up into the vortex of the Birthing Field, the very source of our creativity and sexuality, into the pre-cognitive space 'beyond the Story', in which they can easily access and activate their Free Will. Done properly, it goes with very deep breathing in the rhythm of waves rolling on a seashore. Do try this at home. It feels incredibly healing, recharging, rejuvenating. Let your body flow like a piece of seaweed on a bottom of a shallow lagoon, completely at the mercy of the pulse of Life Force that charges and moves the water around it! Allow yourself to experience in real time that level of surrender, support, and mercy, all at the same time...

Sending you so much sweet longing for more of THAT in your Life, that will inevitably bring you more... It all starts with us knowing what we want and what we don't want. Lots of Love and Blessings, Elena

PS: Unfortunately, the sound of music I used in this demo didn't get picked up by the Zoom, but you can use your own good quality meditation music that doesn't carry its own rhythm.



Elena's Interview about "Natural Birthing"
with Matt Monarch on the Raw Food World TV Show

September 6th, 2009

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