Helen Hansen

Helen Hansen

Johannesburg, South Africa
(072) 409-7664

Helen Hansen is a Transformational Facilitator guiding and supporting individuals through their own unique journey of transformation.  

Since 1997 Helen has worked with thousands of people of all ages (3 years to 60+) using specific Mind-Body Techniques to inspire evolution in both the individual and the community at large. Helen incorporates methods from her practice in Developmental Psychology, Right Brain Optimisation, the Creative and Performing Arts and, of course, Birth into Being.

Helen's clients include:

  • Parents who are wanting to heal their past and parent from a place of love
  • Professionals who want to inspire the workplace through effective communication
  • Individuals who want to live a life of Purpose
  • Couples who want to conceive consciously
  • Pregnant women who want to birth gracefully

Helen is fascinated with human behaviour, the human body and self-mastery.  Inspiration, she says, is the centre from where all her work spirals from.  "My purpose in life is to inspire others to fulfil their own purpose while honouring their highest values".

Helen commutes regularly to Cape Town, and sometimes the Garden Route, for consultations and workshops. Helen stays in Johannesburg with her husband, Alosha, their son Kairos and their three furry friends.  

Helen is a Transformational Facilitator with experience in Developmental Psychology and Mind-BodyTechniques. Available for private consults or workshops.
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