Guided Growth Retreat (BIB Level 1)


Explore your connection with your deepest self and move beyond the narratives that are holding you back in this two day group coaching retreat. Through a supportive, safe, and confidential environment I'm here to help you connect the dots. In this retreat you will be introduced to techniques and exercises based in Elena Tonetti's Birth Into Being method - an elegant and graceful approach to upgrading your entire nervous system. This method is based in today's cutting edge research in somatic psychology, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics. Over the course of two days you will discover how to break the vicious cycle of reactivity to chronic stress. You will have the opportunity to make the shift from living to get by in your mundane reality to the quantum leap into an augmented reality where you will be able to live from that place of playful, creative connection that gives you access to your full potential - as a parent, as a partner, as an entrepreneur, as a human BEingOnce you make this shift, the kaleidoscope of all your relationships has no choice but to shift with you. This is an opportunity to heal the family constellation, heal your community, and heal the world.


December 08, 2018 at 10am - December 09, 2018
Private Residence
Yuli · · 805-710-1881

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$470.00 Retreat Tuition

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