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It is clearly the most important thing we can do to advance human evolution!

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    Women must have control of their fertility. They must want to have a child, because they can never be an ex-mother, once the child is born. Read “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton to learn when souls occupy a growing fetus.

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    I plan to show my copy of the 72 min version at 7PM at the Port Townsend Community Center

    Film Screening Package 1: Inspire!


    Everything you need to host an educational community film screening.  

    Price: Free

    For events with free attendance.
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    You will receive:

    • Supplemental Digital Media

    • Birth As We Know It Educational Version – 25 mins (online streaming)

    • Exclusive video (streaming) of Elena hosting a Birth As We Know It screening with talk and Q&A at Pranafest 2014 in Ashland, OR (1hr 28 min)

    • Select video and audio including:

    • Interviews with Elena

    • Birth Into Being Method Testimonial

    • Step-by-step ‘Film Screening Guide’• Birth As We Know It promo (10 min)

    • Birth As We Know It Facebook event cover image

    • Birth As We Know It Screening Flyer with English text

    • Birth As We Know It Screening Flyer, blank, for any language

    • Birth As We Know It Press Release

    Director's Introduction Letter from Elena, the creator of the film, to be read to the audience before the screening. It’s not mandatory and you can introduce the film in your own words if you prefer.

    Director's Conclusion Letter from Elena to be read after the screening, if you chose to do so, to inspire the discussion afterwards. 

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