Foreskin Restoration

Should I restore my foreskin surgically?

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova responds:

Unfortunately, stretching the skin is not going to restore the 20,000 erogenous nerve endings that were amputated. So sorry for your loss...
The good news is that circumcised men can still learn to 'read' their sexual partners' body language to participate in the wholehearted sexual experience by other means. Like a blind man learns to 'see' thru other senses. The foreskin is an 'antenna' and 'a radar' for perception of pleasure, both of your own and the partner's due to about 20 000 of the very specific nerve endings. In the situation where those nerves can not be actually restored, you are better of developing the higher quality of intimacy, skill and attention, which allows you a deeper experience of pleasure.

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