Please tell me about your film.



It was made in 2006 and is already in 58 countries, without any marketing or advertising, and translated into 12 languages.  It is profoundly impacting hundreds of thousands of people who are self-organizing into grassroots movements of re-claiming the power of graceful delivery. The film beautifully illustrates what it really takes to prepare for conscious birth and deliver a baby gracefully, minimizing trauma for all involved. 

Two versions (not the "Educational" version) do not play and instead come up with blank DVD message. Have you sent the correct European format out?


We had this happen before and every time it was resolved by adjusting the settings on the DVD player. It is not working only on very old or otherwise special players. Please, try playing the DVDs on your computer with the VLC player (or any other DVD program). If it is, indeed a defective DVD, please send it back to us and we will immediately send you a replacement.

What is the "Conscious Birth Movement"?


The Conscious Birth Movement is an intelligent approach to our species' procreation. When people-making practice is done with full awareness of the implications of how the quality of gestation and birth affects the quality of health and emotional well-being of the newborn. It starts with conscious conception, which is when future parents are on the same page of wanting to bring in a new human being into our world.  It also includes birth preparation during 9 months of gestation, which allows them to gain confidence and strength for the delivery.  It all culminates with the empowering, dignified, graceful experience of the baby's arrival, in a way that both parents feel initiated into becoming a Mother and a Father and the baby feels safe and loved.

Where can I get more information about birth camps in the Black Sea?


Unfortunately, there are no birth camps at the Black Sea anymore, as it has since become illegal. As far as we know there is not a location to give birth in the sea at this time. It is most unfortunate that such a haven does not exist at the moment and is much needed.  

Please if you find anything, let us know.  We are always on the look out and would greatly appreciate it.  

What is the procedure to hold a screening?


Please contact us for screening rights.  

Please also let us know how many people you expect to attend, what the event is for, and if you will be charging a fee.  

Email birthasweknowit@gmail.com.