Embodiment Birthshop Level 1


This two day Birthshop is for: 
  • Anyone who wants more love, connection, and purpose in life and who feels that there is something holding them back.
  • Expectant parents, especially Mothers and Fathers who want to give their babies a head start in life by not passing on their own traumas to them.
  • People in the helping professions such as therapists, counselors, doulas, midwives, bodyworkers, coaches, etc. who want to gain insight into themselves and to learn new tools to support their clients more effectively.
  • Parents of children who may have had difficult or traumatic births. By clearing their own experiences of their births and their children’s births, parents are able to support their children’s well-being by providing a more neutral and supportive nervous system for their children to access.

* CLEAR traumatic residue of early experiences from our nervous systems.
* SET A NEW BASELINE of wellness and belonging.
* GIVE you the important missing experience of being deeply welcomed to your life in safety and love.

Instead of trying to fix the old “programming” (by re-living the initial shock of being born), it’s most effective to just acquire a whole new vivid, rich, and wonderful birth experience!

The Birthshop combines powerful somatic visualizations, meditation, somatic re-education, breathing exercises and one-on-one work supported by the group.

It’s deep, it’s profoundly healing and it’s fun!


“A Birthshop is a rare and excellent opportunity to look into your birth and receive healing around it. The healing can be all-encompassing to include your ancestry, your whole family system, life circumstances at the time of conception, gestation, birth and early years of development. Matthew is very skilled in holding space and guiding the process for the group and each individual. His listening and vision is deep, his language is clear and useful, and his heart wisdom is full of compassion and knowing. He also uses touch very effectively to help the nervous system integrate the experience. I highly recommend Birthshop if you’re at all called to the work. As a healer and doula, I see it as a very special way to bring more health, consciousness and kindness to yourself and all your relations, and therefore to our planet.” -Jen
“This workshop was very profound for me in two different ways: one as a preparation for our baby’s birth and the other as a woman in the world. I experienced the way I would like my baby and all babies to feel when they come to this life. I also discovered a lot a bout my self I had not known. I learned from Matthew as a facilitator but I also learned about him as a real person, as a husband, father and individual being.” -Paulina

“I am 61 year old male with children in their mid 20’s. Attending abirthshop would seem a little late… but I found it to be a very effective and powerful method. Matthew creates a safe place for connecting with my feelings and is a wonderful guide in this process. I would recommend this work to anybody and especially young couples. ” -Rhoads

“Matthew is an extraordinarily skilled facilitator. He is wise, sensitive to participant’s individual needs, funny, humble, non-judgmental, helpful and a very good listener. On a technical level I was incredibly impressed by the fluid versatility with which he skillfully wove and transitioned between a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. My wife and I felt totally safe and comfortable doing some very vulnerable work with him, and we got more than we expected out of the workshop.” -Scott 
Individual:  $325/$375 Early Bird Registration through Nov 27th
Couple:  $625/$700 Early Bird Registration through Nov 27th
December 09, 2017 at 10am - December 10, 2017
Private home in Oakland Hills
Oakland Hills
Oakland, CA 94605
United States
Google map and directions
Matthew Cavanna · · (415) 408-8106

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