Darwin Limbic Imprint ReCoding with Melissa Schulz

DARWIN  Limbic Imprint ReCoding
Your own early life experiences, including the biggest one - how you were born, are imprinted strongly in your nervous system and can greatly influence how you live your life today. Much of how you view the world, the daily and life choices you make, and your behavioural patterns began with these earliest imprints.

The Limbic Imprint ReCoding process takes you back to your beginnings with a powerful, in-the-body experience of true nourishment, love and safety from conception to birth. A combination of movement, breath, deep awareness and the brain’s amazing capacity for neuroplasticity, the LIR offers your nervous system new reference points of wellbeing, and a sense of trust and calm.
Realigning your internal compass to the truth and beauty of birth and life as it can be, this simple yet highly effective processes will transform any less than optimal early imprints, allowing greater connection to self, love, life, creativity and purpose. 
Join us on February 11th and re-imprint yourself with true nourishment, love and safety as your first experience of life, for an improved quality of life today.  For anyone who had a less than ecstatic birth or entry to life and would like to activate and embrace themselves, into an easier more joyful way of being.
This workshop will allow you to:
  • Experience greater connection to your Self, and with others
  • Strengthen your sense of belonging, wellbeing and purpose
  • Discover how the way you were born may be affecting the way in which you experience and live your life today
  • Establish new reference points in your nervous system of greater capacity for love and creativity
  • Release your own inhibiting early imprints with the renowned Limbic Imprint ReCoding process
  • Connect in deeply with the pregnancy and birth journey if you are expecting
  • If you are trying to conceive, align to the pregnancy you desire and open the channels for conception
Cost:   $150pp, $225 per couple
When: Sunday 11th Feb 2018, 9am-3pm
Venue: CEA, Darwin

Your Facilitator: Melissa Schulz is an Advanced Birth Into Being Practitioner and certified Birth Doula. Her focus is on emotional wellbeing, because life is too short to not feel good! The Birth Into Method utilizes transformative processes, based on neuroplasticity and pre- and post-natal psychology. Melissa holds regular workshops on the East Coast of Australia and is returning to Darwin for the first time since 2014. All Welcome, men and women, 16+ years. Workshop includes movement, use of breath, guided visualisation.  Contact Melissa at thebirthingfield@gmail.com if you have questions.
"Birth Into Being (Limbic Imprint ReCoding) has shown me ways to work through my emotions. Thanks for giving me new tools that I can use on my daily life.  Birth Into Being has reminded me to take care for myself.  Thank You!"
JJ Polit, Townsville May 2014.
February 11, 2018 at 9am - 3pm
CEA Darwin (Childbirth Education Australia)
18 Bauhinia St
Nightcliff, Northern Territory 0810
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Melissa Schulz ·
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