Birth Into Being Afternoon Workshop with Constantia Tielbeke - July 23, Aug 12, Sept 24, 2017

What if nothing held you back !!

Did you ever wonder how your birth affects your life ??

The Conscious Birth Movement began when people began to understand the impact of the very beginning of life on our lifelong patterns. The Birth Into Being Method evolved from an understanding that addressing those issues from the formative period makes a huge difference in the quality of life of clients, as they became more aware, grounded, compassionate, confident and engaged. The techniques offer invaluable experience for future parents and birth attendants as the same techniques can be used as highly effective preventation of birth complications. The Method was birthed by Elena Tonnetti -Vladimirova in the 80s in Russia by the Black Sea, where parents who prepared with the methods went to give birth in the warm waters, far away from medical personnel or facilities. The absence of complications at the birth camps was a high testimony to the efficiency of the preparation program. Now the Method is taught all over the world in most major languages. While being a complete holistic method in its own right, it's complimentary to most other healing modalities, enriching and expediting the possible outcome.

What is Birth Into Being based on?
Long-term scientific studies have shown that stressful or traumatic events leave lasting imprints in our nervous system for the rest of our lives. These imprints constantly influence the way we feel, think and act, affecting the quality of our relationships, creativity, vitality, focus and general sense of wellbeing.
This means that our lenses of perception rarely allow us to see reality as it is but instead our response to life is based on or past experiences. Stressful or traumatic events still have an impact on us even if we have no cognitive memory of them.

With this introductory afternoon we will explore some of the principles of this method as well as hands on exercises - meditation - dance and Magical theater!

About the facilitator:

Constantia Tielbeke has been a Licensed Holistic Bodyworker since 1999 and in 2004 she founded an Aquatic Healing Oasis in Southern California.

Her many healing modalities include: Esalen massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Emotional Release and Polarity Therapy. Since 2001, the healing quality of water became her main passion and she has continued on to become an aquatic therapist in Healing Dance, Waterdance and Presence of Being.

She has created and facilitated Babyaquatics, Familyaquatics and Pre-Natal Aquatics for the past 13 years. She became involved with Birth Into Being in 2013 naturally as she's been involved with the birthing world for the past 10 year
s and found it to be such an incredible, powerful and transformative method that she went on to become a facilitator so she could bring this work to her community.She became a Birth keeper at the Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference in Findhorn in 2016 and ever since then she's immersed herself in the Birthing Field . Her mission is the bring Water births back to the surface in connection with Dolphins and Dolphin assisted labour !

Her dream is to create Aquatic Birthing Temples !!


This workshop is a series of three occurring on July 23, August 12, September 24.  Can be taken individually or separately.  

Register for all three afternoons and receive a $30 discount. 

The afternoons are in preparation for a 4 day workshop coming up in late October - early November !
Dates TBD !


PRICE: $60/ Single Person  | $100/ Couple

Pls . RSVP via VENMO to Constantia Tielbeke - 
Space limited to 15 people



August 12, 2017 at 1pm - 6pm
The Moving Joint
12813 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
United States
Google map and directions
Constantia Tielbeke · · +1 (310) 869-5313

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