Birth Into Being Level One

Lessons in loving, and being loved, start early.

Birth, gestation, conception leave imprints that last a lifetime.

The Birth Into Being Method creates new reference points in our nervous system, allowing us to move past old patterns and neurological pathways, into being our fullest and truest selves.

Give yourself the gift of an imprint of being connected, whole, loved and received in a relaxed and open way by your family, and your world.


Free up your capacity to enjoy creative endeavours in life. Create the inner opportunity to birth something new, a Baby, a project or a more aligned and intentional aspect of yourself...

This work is beneficial for all who have been born, but specifically for those who arrived in less than blissfull circumstances, or have healing to do around their entry to life. It will benefit the preparation for birth of same sex or hetero couples, single mothers, adoptive parents preparing for the arrival of a child, as well as for grandparents and people adjusting to the changes in later life, like the need for greater self care.

For Birthworkers this work is insightful, inspiring and integrative of your relationship to Birth.

For couples approaching conscious conception and birth, this work is a wonderful gift of grace…

The Birth Into Being Method is a healing modality that helps us to live the life we want to live; connected with Self and Source, grounded in love, safety, and joy. This workshop is merely a dip into the depth this modality offers, and yet is a stand alone experience, bringing plenty of insights and intriguing aspects of Self to the surface.

Birth Into Being workshops are tailored to working with and clearing any negative imprints from our own birth into this world, from the trauma accumulated in early life - or from generations of fearful birthing practices.

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May 28, 2016 at 10am - May 30, 2016
Kangaroo Ground, Melbourne
25 Donaldson Rd
Melbourne, Victoria 3097
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Jo Askham, Nicole Moore · · Jo: 0409 955 779, Nicole: 0447 353 297

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