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“This workshop helped me to connect with my inner strength and my infinite well of love. As a direct result I feel more present, confident and loving – most especially towards myself.”

The first time I attended a Birth Into Being workshop I had one of the most profoundly loving experiences of my entire life... and now after much training and my own healing journey with this work - I am honoured to share the experience!

So what is a Birth Into Being Workshop and who is it for?

What if you felt safe to be exactly who you are, to share yourself fully and tenderly not just with those you love but with the whole world...

In this workshop you will have the experience of feeling loved, supported and held as you are...You will get the chance to experience the love that the tender innocent part of you always sought. To connect to what is deeper in you and to your primal life force.

Here is a little bit more to consider.

If you relate to one or some these statements and would like things to change for you, then take some time and really feel into if this workshop might be somewhere for you to be.

-you would like to be more connected to what is authentic in you and be
able to share that with people

-you would like to experience more closeness in intimate relationships but
closeness in intimate relationships scares you/ you try to avoid it

-You know people love you but you just don't feel their love

-you do don't like asking for support of other people when you really need it

-you don't trust or expect your needs to be met

- As a parent you find yourself parenting how you were parented, rather than with the depth of love you would like to 

-you would rather or it is far easier to relate with animals than humans

-you don't feel safe in life/ the world is a scary place/ the world is not

-you live your life for other people instead of for yourself/ you make
yourself and your needs less important than others

you feel that you do not know how to live / other people seem to enjoy
life, why not me

-you have a lot of tension in your body/ you don't like your body

-I don't deserve to live/ to be in this life

-who want to experience more connection to life and want to live more fully

-who feel separate alone, isolated, 

I lack - I never am enough – I never have enough…!!!
I don't have enough money
I don't have enough time
I don't have enough space
I don't have enough love

How it works-

From the time we are conceived through birth and early childhood we imprint everything we experience. If we experience love and nurture and closeness then we subconsciously recreate that through out our lives. If our early experiences where less than loving then we subconsciously carry those feelings with us and recreate similar experiences through out our lives.

The goal of the workshop is to create a new imprint that we are loved and lovable so that we subconsciously start to create and experience that in our lives. 

Rather than write a whole bunch about this, if you have a sense this workshop might be for you, call me and I can give you half an hour of my time to explore if it might be a fit for you. I will share my experience taking the workshop, what we will do at the workshop, what kind of issues it can help resolve and answer your questions. I won't try to sell you on coming to the workshop.

My number is 1 587 778 1330, you can text me there to set up a time to talk or just call.

Time November 21,22 and optional day on the 23
10 am to 6 pm-ish

Cost- $350 for 2 days, $450 for 3 days
Early Bird $300 for 2 days, $400 for 3 days till November 10
Bursary available.

Location- Calgary, Alberta.
The workshop location is in North Calgary.
There is local accommodation near by such as B & B, Air B & B or motels. 
It may be possible to billet with local participants attending the workshop.

Ross Goodine

p.s. Here is some more feedback. Magic can happen at this workshop... 

“On a personal note since the Birth Into Being workshop...totally eliminated one of 3 inhalers and dropped 10mg of prednisone daily!! 
Thank you!! Even my Chiropractor said my upper right lung feels way the tissue has to retrain itself... it does not know what to do ..she said quote "it's like a burden has been lifted from the tissue, if that makes sense" now she has me doing big inhalations to retrain the huh?? !!“ 

two months later

“I am continuing reducing my prednisone... and all this forest fire smoke has not bothered me at all... in the past I would have been down for the count.. My lungs continue to feel lighter and lighter”
Wendy Lapainis

November 21, 2015 at 10am - November 23, 2015
Rosina House, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
10069 HAMPTONS Blvd NW
Calgary, AB T3A 4Y6
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Ross Goodine · · 587 778 1330
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