Birth Into Being 10 day Immersive Retreat and Apprenticeship training

Have you ever considered the possibility that your capacity for love, intimacy and connection were intrinsically related with the circumstances of your birth?

Birth Into Being
10 day Immersive Retreat and Apprenticeship Training
April 5-14, 2018
Woltersdorf, Germany
Facilitated by Jessica Blean and Willow Proctor, both first generation facilitators of this work.


Recoding Our Biology of Connection and Roots of Love:

Birth Into Being is a multi-sensory approach that engages both rational and non-rational parts of us through body-centered explorations, breath work, movement, facilitated meditations and experiential processes which harness the loving and focused energy of the group field, propelling us forward into new territory in our lives. 

Individuals are encouraged to have the felt experience of being conceived, gestated, and born in love and natural ecstasy. We influence the origins of our emotional patterns by creating new, positive, reference points in our nervous system. We can experience a greater variety of positive experiences in our lives by freeing ourselves from the unconscious imprints that drive our behavior. We also practice activating the power of our own innate source of wisdom as our primary compass for guidance in our daily lives, which is so vastly needed in these times of transition.


Some of the people who benefit the most from doing this work are:

  • Expectant parents, especially mothers and fathers who want to give their babies a head start in life by not passing on their own issues and traumas to their children.
  • Artists and other change makers who are looking to access and unleash even more of their creative power in the world.
  • People in the helping professions such as therapists, counsellors, bodyworkers, coaches, community builders, etc, who want more insight into themselves and their clients and who want to learn new tools to support them more effectively.
  • Parents of children who may have had difficult or traumatic births. By clearing their own experiences of their births and their children's births, parents are able to support their children in their healing journey by providing a more neutral and supportive nervous system for their children to access.

Anyone who desires more love, connection, and purpose in life and who feels that there is something holding them back.


Event Location

This event will be held in the beautiful little Garden of Eden paradise, the piece of Earth cared for by Willow, her 2 daughters Gaia and Shanti, and the boys (2 male cats,) located in Woltersdorf just 45 minutes outside Berlin, Germany. The property is directly on the edge of the forest and 5 minutes walk to the Flakensee lake. Historically, this area was a known for it’s “air spas,” a place people rejuvenated themselves with clean air, waters and nature. We set our intentions for this event to be an intense set of core touching experiences as well as the space for deeply relaxing into your quiet center. Included in the plans for the week is a sweat lodge ceremony on the land, a healing journey back to the earth womb to our connection with the Elements and Spirit. Please begin to open yourself for new experiences, inspirations and pathways. 

The workshop will be primarily in English as well as language support in German and French.


Residential accommodations:

Shared accommodations at retreat center and onsite camping available on a first come, first served basis.

Offsite options available on request.


Course Fee:

130€/day Non-residential

Early Bird Price: 1250€ if deposit received by March 1

1300€ Off-site

1400€ Residential

Daily copious vegan lunches will be catered for an additional 10€ per person.

130€ deposit is required to reserve your place in the retreat.


To reserve your place and accommodation space contact:

To register:

Facebook Event Page:


April 05, 2018 at 10am - April 14, 2018
Garden of Eden
Woltersdorf, BB
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