Birth Into Being Cruise with Kasia Auli Barszczewska in Greece

"Re-Creation" on Cyclades is an unique combination of exquisite holiday and deep diving into depth of your psyche in order to create a new start - for yourself and for the Earth.

26th- of Semptember - 7th of October 2015
We start in Athens

It's a cruise on Alpha Wave!
Training of conscious presence in alpha frequency, including sea baths and warm sources!
Expedition to the oracle in Delos and the Temple of Dionysus!
Delicious organic Greek food.
Performance on the ruins of the ancient theater in Delos.
Drinking from a mythical body memory and diving deep into our original nature.

During traveling along the beautiful Greek islands, we will be exploring the roots of the sacred space of consciousness. The culmination of our journey will be a performance "Re-Creation" in Delos, on the stage of the ancient theather. (We will record it for making artistic performance on video .)

The field of the workshop during the cruise:

- Birth Into Being method, founded by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirowej, - working with the imprints from the prenatal period and early childhood, building an inner map as a referral point towards fulfilled life, creating new approaches and reactions in the limbic system, re-coding the imprints from the limbic system, re-birthing processes, creating new patterns of the body memory in agreement with our best intention and will, awakening free will in tune with our intuition, breaking through whatever is holding us back in life by using a "core cry" process.
- The "Re-Creation" program, created by Kasia Auli Barszczewska - a program of creative expression, inspired by Birth Into Being method, creative writing, rituals coming from primal cultures, the teachings of cellular biology by Bruce Lipton and the knowledge from the field of quantum physics by Nassim Haraneim. Intuitive work in the field of collective consciousness, transformation of mythical and historical events in the nervous and limbic system, the process of birthing a new civilization and new qualities of humanity focused on co-creation, the change of the old paradigms. 
- Developing intuition through movements, organic breathing, mindfulness, body consciousness, dancing with elements, big doze of spontaneity and nourishing visualizations, auto-hypnosis training, re-coding the patterns of fear, traumas and limiting beliefs. 

The cruise is an invitation for the deepening of your relation with the essence of life and its beginnings (by using Birth Into Being method) and in the same time entering the area of the collective consciousness of an ancient Greece, where the roots of our Western civilization begin.

Organizational information:
every details we will send with specific information after confirm your attendence.

- Time: 26th- of Semptember - 7th of October 2015. Gathering at 3.PM on the 7th of October in Marina Lavrio  in Athens, leaving the harbor in the morning next day. Then 10 days of sailing, exploring the islands and the Re-Creation workshop, preparing to the performance that will take place at the theater on Delos.
 1090euro and prepayment 300euro  plus fligths /after 3rd of August/ after 3rd of Semteber : 1110euro and 400euro prepaymaent

- Price does not include fligths to Athens
- Costs: Price includes: , workshop, sailing, food. On the starting day we collect 150EUR deposit for renting the yacht. The deposit will be refunded after we bring the yacht back.
- Costs are including: 10-day sailing equipment, the workshop, accommodation on a yacht in a double bunk, care skipper - navigation, logistics, directing yacht, sailing training, food, common food lunches / dinners, breakfast on the yacht, additional provisioning, vegetable juice and fruit and water, final cleaning, dinghy, accessible from the airport, car rental Santorini, the entrance to the hot springs Loutra on Kithnos, ferry to Dilos from Mykonos, port charges, fuel.

- A daily program: organic movement in the morning, awakening the body consciousness, dancing - healthy nourishing breakfast with eco-natural products (fresh juices etc.) - preparation for sailing - leaving the harbor - the workshop time (about 3h /4h a day + 1h of theatrical expression) - together preparation of lunch - lunch - swimming in the sea - the second part of the workshop time - arriving to the harbor - site-seeing - tavern - sleeping in the harbor on the yacht. Generally about 600km / 333 Mn / about 80h of the cruise within 10 days / about 8h a day of sailing.
- The language: depending on the amount of participants speaking English, the workshop will be offered either in Polish with translation into English or in English with translation into Polish or in both languages. 

- Route: Athenes Marina Lavrio – Kythnos (hot springs Loutra) – Milos – Santorini – Ios – Naxos – Paros – Mykonos – Dilos Athenes
- The yacht: Oceanic 473, suitable for 8 people, fully equipped in all the navigation, rescue and kitchen equipment as well as bedding and 3 toilets.
- The captain: Witek Zbijewski

- You reserve a place by paying a prepay in amount of 200EUR. The bank account number for transferring the prapay will be sent that you after we receive your registration by email: The prepay is non-refundable. The rest of the amount needs to be paid before the 1st of Sepmteber.

- Kasia Auli Barszczewska, the initiator of the event and the workshop teacher, a mama of tree daughters, independent doula, limbic imprint recoding facilitator, member of prenatal psychology association APPAH and RESONANCE FOUNDATION, birth activist and artist. She offers Birth Into Being workshops and individual sessions all around Poland and creates artistic-healing projects. More about Kasia
September 26, 2015 at 12pm - October 07, 2015
Athens, Attica
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  • Kasia Auli Barszczewska
    commented 2015-08-13 00:33:27 -0700
    Hi, I am so glad to see your enthusiasm! Yes, we plan to repeat this cruise in the end of May 2016. Please be in contact via my email:
  • Gila Shire
    commented 2015-07-24 21:52:59 -0700
    will you repeat this cruise next year again, kasia ?!? i am a birth doula and on call september/october….would loooove to join next time !
  • Truth Irwin
    commented 2015-07-24 18:03:48 -0700
    OMG this sounds AWESOME!!! I so wish I could go, but not this time. Enjoy! :)