Filmscreening and introduction evening with Nina Benedicte

Enjoy the beautifull film of Elena Tonetti- Vladimirova 'Birth as we know it': look at it with the eyes of the baby inside yourself. Feel what it's like to be born naturally and the impact of medicalisation. Enjoy the images, feel the the softness and sweetness of water birth or extatic birth.

Nina Benedicte introduces you to the work of Elena and explains some general terms like 'limbic imprint', 'the Birthing field',...

This evening is the introduction to the workshop level 1, that starts the next day; But it is open to anyone who wishes to enjoy the film and learn more about limbic imprint recoding.

April 17, 2015 at 7:30pm - April 18, 2015
Sint Agatha Rode (center Belgium)
Nina Benedicte Vansina · · 3216471732

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