Birth Into Being Method Level 1 with Kasia Auli Barszczewska

Birth Into Being Method Level 1 – designed for women to heal their connection with their Womb

“Journey to the womb. Women for Women”

Create your own journey… Join this workshop where you can discover all what you have as a woman…. just the woman you are. The womb as a way you went through your first and last menstruation, your birthday, your childbirth(s), your miscarriages, your abortion(s), sexual experiences, operations, …

Healing, sharing, receiving, giving away… that will be the way. Women by women, side by side.

Just decide, pack your luggage, buy your ticket and come. We will be waiting for you.

Maybe there is an important woman in your life you want to have next to you during the workshop, so ask her to join!!!

The workshop will be facilitated by Kasia Auli Barszczewska, with the assistance of Grażyna Prokopowicz (a 10-days Birth Into Being facilitator training graduate). It is based on the Birth Into Being Method and it will be held in English (Dutch and Polish translation if needed). 

What is Birth Into Being?

  • Strengthen your sense of belonging and well-being
  • Deepen connection with your Higher Self, other people, and the Source of Life
  • Gain new reference points in your nervous system for greater ability of intimacy and creativity
  • Fearlessly birth a new project, new baby, and/or new You!

Within every cell of our bodies we carry an "imprint" (called Limbic Imprint) that begins to establish before we are born.  If our emotional body is overwhelmed during this formative period, then a lifetime of ineffective coping strategies and behavioral patterns will ensue. The Birth Into Being Method directly addresses this by transforming our Limbic Imprint, thus allowing us to access the intelligence of nature's creative Power.  

This safe and effective Method brilliantly interweaves epigenetics and neuroplasticity with the richness of storytelling, visualization, breath-work, role-play, gentle touch and dancing.  The full 16-day curriculum consists of 20 processes and 18 exercises.  There is also additional time for journaling, group sharing and deep heart-centered connection.  

During the therapeutic portion of the course (Levels 1-4), participants experience numerous processes that address formative issues in a deeply profound and transformative way.  The second portion of the course (Apprentice - Advanced Facilitator Training) is dedicated to experiencing additional processes and gaining facility with teaching the Method.  

Due to the nature of this work, the curriculum takes on its own shape and form with each group dynamic. The order of presentation and depth of coverage is determined by the specific needs of the group, with regard to the Facilitator's discretion.  Working in this way allows for healthy relationships to be established with the vortex of the Birthing Field.

(more about the method

This is a process of rebirth and a beautiful, feeding trip into the source of our existence, of our being. This is a modern method, coherent with the ancient knowledge of many cultures.

Moreover, this incredible experience of awaking femininity during the birth process is based on research in the field of prenatal psychology, quantum physics, modern biology and epigenetics. This method is part of the creation of a new knowledge paradigm and of the life on Earth and helps to expand awareness and conscious-taking of responsibility for what we create during our life. Moreover, the present method helps to understand life, birth and transformation on many levels of existence at the same time.

Katarzyna Auli Barszczewska is a precursor of Birth Into Being method in Poland. She’s been leading meetings, workshops and sessions on the phenomenon of birth for 6 years. After having successfully given Birth into Being workshops (started by Elena Tonetti – Vladimirova, a creator of this method), in 2014, she became a teacher of the method herself and she qualified to conduct practitioner courses for therapists of level 1 – 5. Katarzyna is a mother of three daughters and she experienced both, giving birth at a hospital and a homebirth (by the lotus method). She accompanies women before and during labor, wherever and in what way they wish to give birth to their children. She created an original program initiated by her inspiring work as a doula and by the Birth Into Being Method training. She combined all her knowledge, skills and techniques by creating a groundbreaking method that she called "The Art of the Conscious Birth".

What can you expect from the course:

 - A conscious transformation of old patterns of pain and emotional blocks stored in your body

- A release of trauma and creation of new, healthy patterns in the nervous system as well as in the entire body

- Dance, relaxation techniques, guided meditation, as well as meditation in motion

- Visualization

- Rituals (a morning ritual on the seashore, ...)

Those who interested, will have a chance to get a massage by Grażyna Prokopowicz.

Dates: November 22 (10:00-17:00) - November 23, 2015 (9:00-13:00)

Venue: Middenboulevard Palace Hotel - Burg. van Fenemaplein 2-6, 2042 TA, Zandvoort aan Zee (near Amsterdam), Holland 

Workshop price: both days - 111 € ( Saturday 10:00 – 17:00, Sunday 10:00 – 13:00)

This price includes assistance between workshops (e.g. filling up feedback forms), plus one individual Skype session with Katarzyna Auli Barszczewska.

There is a 20% discount for a person you would like to share the process with you; think about an important woman in your life you want to have next to you!!!

Massage (1h): 35-40€ (Sunday only)

For more information about the workshop and your registration, please contact: Lucyna Wybranowska,, +31 6 85 102 631

More information about the event:



November 22, 2015 at 10am - November 23, 2015
Amsterdam and Zandvoort aan Zee (near Amsterdam), Holland
Burg van Fenemaplein 2-6
Zandvoort aan Zee 05-082
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Lucyna Wybranowska · · +31 6 85 102 631

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