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    Origins Meditation - Guided Growth

    What to bring:
    yoga mat
    water bottle
    journal and pen
    eye mask
    comfortable clothing for dance and meditation.

    Online: $20/person 
    At the door: $25

    About the workshop ~
    We are carried through life on a primordial imprint in our nervous system that has been passed down through generations during the process of conception, gestation, and birth. For a large portion of human history this imprint has been tainted by struggle, fear, and despair. This personal and generational history establishes the basic settings for the ways in which we are able to give and receive love, and locks in our comfort zone in a very narrow and often self-limiting range. Join me for a two hour journey to expand the range of your vibrational comfort zone, clear the personal and generational imprints that are no longer serving you, and lock in a home frequency of Love, Connection, and Wholeness. 
    In this two hour mini-journey based on Elena Tonetti’s Limbic Imprint Recoding meditation you will be taken on a guided exploration of sound, dance, breath, and meditation leading you to reclaim your origin story. You will have the opportunity to dive into the field of pure potentiality, and experience what it’s like to be born on this planet in Safety, Abundance, and Love. Come explore your origins and re-write human history with me ✨💗✨

    About the facilitator~
    Yuli is an integrative coach and embodiment facilitator who works with the Birth Into Being method and other mindfulness tools to support and guide you through birthing your ideal Self into Being. She is local to San Luis Obispo county, yet works with clients worldwide via Skype and Zoom. She lives in the intentional theosophical community of Halcyon, California with her husband and co-facilitator Andrei, two sweet daughters, and one very fluffy cat 🐈.

    January 27, 2019 at 4pm
    Private Residence
    $20.00 USD · rsvp

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    Help spread the message: "Peace on Earth Begins with Birth"!

    Film Screening Package 1: Inspire!


    Everything you need to host an educational community film screening.  

    Price: Free

    For events with free attendance.
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    You will receive:

    • Supplemental Digital Media

    • Birth As We Know It Educational Version – 25 mins (online streaming)

    • Exclusive video (streaming) of Elena hosting a Birth As We Know It screening with talk and Q&A at Pranafest 2014 in Ashland, OR (1hr 28 min)

    • Select video and audio including:

    • Interviews with Elena

    • Birth Into Being Method Testimonial

    • Step-by-step ‘Film Screening Guide’• Birth As We Know It promo (10 min)

    • Birth As We Know It Facebook event cover image

    • Birth As We Know It Screening Flyer with English text

    • Birth As We Know It Screening Flyer, blank, for any language

    • Birth As We Know It Press Release

    Director's Introduction Letter from Elena, the creator of the film, to be read to the audience before the screening. It’s not mandatory and you can introduce the film in your own words if you prefer.

    Director's Conclusion Letter from Elena to be read after the screening, if you chose to do so, to inspire the discussion afterwards. 

    >>Want to watch the full feature film? Order now.

    Get it now!

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    It is vitally important for people to know the truth about the way we, the people, have the ability to consciously procreate. Suffering is optional! Help us anchor the new birthing paradigm into humanity’s mass mentality via your social media channels and your mailing list.

    “The intelligence of Nature and of Higher Consciousness is not supportive of suffering. It is actually against our nature to be born into excruciating pain. It is simply a bad habit that we, as a species, adopted a few thousand years ago. Our message is that we can drop that habit and replace it with a beautiful organic way of bringing the new generation to Earth. ”

                                         ~ Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

    Every second, an average of 200 babies are born in the world, whose mothers did not have a chance to find out that they can have a beautiful birth. We don’t have a moment to lose!


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