A list of ALL our senses

Sharpen your senses, ladies and gentlemen! 

In schools we are taught that we have only 5 senses... I believe, it's a highway robbery! When we counted them as a group at my last course in NZ, we found some more. The trick is that all of those senses, listed below, need activation, they won't be automatically available to us if something doesn't trigger them... I believe, it's our duty to help our young ones to experience the full range of their sensory apparatus! 

Here is what we accounted for: 


time,  ... safety, ...danger,  ...rhythm, 
electrocution, misconception (pain or pleasure),    
sense of belonging (or sense of home), 
sense of balance, ...of body awareness (dexterity), 
sense of humor, ...water (to find underground source), ...enjoying or hating smell (the one of the basic 5 only is about the ability to smell; - this one is about discerning the quality of it), 
sense of style, 
sense of direction, ...comfort, ...appropriateness, sense of ease/or tension, intuition, trust, clairvoyance, prorogation, 
sense of sentience, audience, 
sense of self/ identity, ...of wellbeing, 
sense of being able (self esteem), ...of in-capacity, telepathy, 
sense of outside temperature (if we are hot or cold), 
sense of self discipline,...of one's boundaries, ...of justice,  ...of fairness,  ...of empathy, ...of loss,  ...longing,  ...grief, 
sense of entitlement, ...autonomy,  ...congruency, ...meaning, ...authenticity common sense (my favorite! - but not very common),  ...of acceptance,   
sense of hierarchy, 
sense of culture (historical sense), ...of bonding (friends),  ...of attachment (can be a place, object, situation, etc),  ...of sovereignty, 
 ... of overwhelm, ...of shame and guilt,
sense of responsibility, ...of freedom, ...of reality,   financial/ business sense, 
sense of purpose, ...of relief, ...of satisfaction, ...of elimination (sensation that a trip to the loo is due), 
sense of survival...
More, anyone?
  I am sure there are more. 

All of these senses are a given, come with the package, but they need reminders and activation during the formative period. Let's make sure our children can enjoy this full range of richness of our God's given senses! 
(...I sure wish I was taught the sense of time when I was little... I used to be always late everywhere. Got punished a lot, of course, and guilt-tripped, but was never actually taught... - wouldn't that be nice?)


April, 2012

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