Facilitator in Training

Giselle E. Whitwell

Giselle E. Whitwell

Austin, Texas
USA: +1 (512) 382 07 29

After having been born in Germany, Giselle completed her secondary school work at the German School in La Paz, Bolivia and obtained her BA from Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. (in Piano Performance, accompanist, 1966 South American Tour in co-operation with the US State Department), and her MA from the University of Montana (in Spanish Philology).

Her post-graduate studies have been centered in Music Therapy (Registered Music Therapist, National Association for Music Therapy); Orff-Schulwerk (Advanced Orff-Schulwerk Techniques, the Orff Institute, Salzburg, Austria); Kodály Methodology; Dalcroze Eurhythmics (Elementary Certification); Music Education (Music and Child Development Certificate) and specialized training in Childbirth Education and Doula Training.

Giselle’s professional teaching experience includes Elementary School service in the Washington, D.C. public schools; the American School, Berchtesgaden, Germany and ten years experience teaching in a number of private schools in Los Angeles.  She has been employed as a full-time instructor at Villanova University (Philadelphia) and as a part-time instructor at the University of Montana;  California State University, Los Angeles; California State University, Northridge; Pierce College (Los Angeles) and the Encino Hospital Center, Los Angeles.


Her frequent travels as a clinician has taken her to,

      Korea (Kwangju National University of Education and Kwangju Christian                                                 Hospital, Kwangju)

      Bulgaria (Health Center, Sofia)

      Italy (Novi Ligure, in collaboration with UNICEF)

      Russia (Presenter, All-Russian Congress for Prenatal Education, Moscow and                                     Medical Academy, Saratov)

      The Netherlands (Nijmegen, Holland, Presenter, International Congress of                                                 Embryology)

      Portugal (Associacão Portuguesa de Musicoterapia, Lisbon and Embarazo y el                                     Nacimiento Workshop, Porto)

      Spain (Mid-Atlantic Conference on Birth and Primal Health Research, Las Palmas                                     de Gran Canaria)

      France (Association de l’Education Prenatale Conference, Frejus)

      Canada (Presenter, Canadian Association of Music Therapy),

      Bolivia (UNIMED, La Paz)

      Argentina (TV Interview with Lucia Iurcovich, Buenos Aires) 


Numerous important appearances as a presenter in the United States of America include,

      San Francisco, CA (7th and 9th International Congress of APPPAH, The Bonny                                     Institute Conference)

      Irvine, CA (WRAMTA Regional Conference)

      Austin, TX (6th Annual AMTA Conference)

      Los Angeles, CA (Japanese Foundation)

      St. Louis, MO. (13th International DONA Conference)

      Fair Oaks, CA (Singing Association of North America)

      Pacific Grove, CA (14th International Congress of APPPAH

      Portland, ME (Birth Works International Conference)


Ms. Whitwell served as a Co-Founder, Board Member and President of the Dalcroze Society of Los Angeles; Board Member American Orff-Schulwerk Association and a member of the National Board, American Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health.  Her numerous publications include articles in the IMSPD Newsletter, the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, the International Music Society for Prenatal Development (editor, 1998-2002), Perspectives and the author of a chapter in Honoring Your Child’s Spirit, Plantsville, CT: All Worlds Publishing, 2008.


She currently resides in Austin, TX, where she is active in prenatal work, teaching Werbeck singing and has formed and conducted a Threshold Choir.  Giselle continues to enjoy playing piano and recorder, the study of Eurhythmy and Paneurhythmy and being an avid gardener.  She is married to David Whitwell, a conductor, composer and historian, and has two sons, Stefan Whitwell, a private investor in Austin, TX, and Floriano Whitwell, a Supervisor in the US Marshals Service.