2012 Election: What are we expecting?

The future relies on our youth

By Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova 
September 11th, 2012 

Where I am from, (Russia), I have seen it over and over again, when the best of the best were elected, only to be immediately corrupted by the Power, or paralyzed in their seats by those who are really running the show. Living in Russia taught me to be self-reliant and not expect my problems to be solved by the government... 

I think that a person who is emotionally, mentally and spiritually equipped to become a true leader of a free world is now only about 10 years old! This future leader belongs to a new generation of human beings who can love this planet and really know how to live in harmony. These young ones have what it takes to solve the existing problems and clean up the unspeakable mess the previous generations have created. 

The reason why those who are 10 years old now could be such great Leaders is because that is the first generation on planet Earth that has the critical mass of human beings unharmed at birth. Their parents pioneered, en mass, Conscious Conception and Birth. Of course, we have lots of older children who were born via non-traumatic formative period, into the loving, skillful and aware families, but in their time it was still not reaching “the 100th monkey” equivalent of the turning point. I believe that about 10 years ago their numbers finally grew sufficiently enough in proportion to the babies who were born into an unloving and unsafe environment to tip the scale. 

These young beings, who were welcomed into this world respectfully and gently, who felt loved by their parents and safe in their homes, are not just wired differently than us, they are wireless! That is why I'm saying that they have what it takes - they are equipped as a 'latest model' with built-in gadgets in their nervous system that my generation could not even dream of...  but the main advantage is that they have a critical mass of each other on this planet! They are not 'lone warriors'! 

Unfortunately for the politics of our generation, we don’t have too many choices... Those who are in charge now, in big politics, simply because they are of appropriate age today, belong to the generation of severely traumatized babies. This means they are subconsciously running on a hungry “survival” mode, fear-based mentality, generating actions and ideas, which create, more mess…They don't really have a reference point to the concept of a thriving humanity and they seem oblivious to what they are getting themselves into... 

We, as voters, are in a predicament, aren't we? 

The good news is that our true sense of well-being does not depend on what the government is doing or not doing. So, don’t be too upset if your candidate will lose the election or surprised if they won’t keep their word after winning - there will always be someone to blame and something to complain about. If we want the real change, it would have to happen right where we are. 

For the first time in human history, we, the people, are only one generation away from Heaven on Earth. But if we are only relying on change to come from the Government, we might not be able to recognize it when it comes. Today, through choosing a healthy lifestyle and loving environment, we can raise a new generation of people who can count on each other and will be able to create an upgraded version of our civilization. So, no matter what the outcome of this election, it is, ultimately, up to us doing our part! 

This is exactly why I started 30 years ago doing what I am doing - to prepare the safe landing for 'the new men' in this moment of human history. To make new men, we needed to make 'new women' first. :) 

So, in the meantime, please, do vote! It is very important to make that statement. We can't just sit and wait for the young ones to grow up! We truly are the change we have been waiting for

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